Cannot install VSTO in VS.Net2005

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Subject: Cannot install VSTO in VS.Net2005
Posted by:  Manfred Braun (ManfredBra…
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006

Hi All !

I would like just to get the chance to see, how to develop an Outlook add-in
with VS.Net2005. I just downloaded the en_office_2003_VSTO.iso file, but if I
start the setup, I'll get only the message [~similar]:

"Setup cannot detect the required version of Visual Studio .Net on this
computer. Before you install this product, you must install a matching
regional language version of Visual Studio .Net 2003 or Visual Basic .Net
2003 Standard"

[Silly messagebox:The text cannot be copied by ctrl-c ... !! :-( ]

I am running "Windows 2003 Server R2 x64 Edition", en, "Outlook 2003", en,
"Visual Studio .Net 2005".

I even checked to set my language while setup from German to English, but
this does not help.

Can someone give me a tip/hint, what's wrong here??

VS has no Office related project templates.

Thanks and
best regards,