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Subject: file for ALLUSERS
Posted by:  stefania77 (stefania…
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006

Hi all,
I use VS 2003.
I want to install (on XP) a file into
C:\Documents and Settings\ALL USERS\Start Menu but in the VS IDE there is
ONLY the USER'S START MENU special folder (and not ALLUSERS'S START MENU).
So I have included my file into USER'S START MENU, I've generated the MSI,
I've edited the msi with Orca and I have changed the FolderForm_AllUsers
property in "ALL".

But the file was installed into
C:\Documents and Settings\CURRENTUSER\Start Menu

The same happens if I include the InstallationFolder in the UserInterface of
installation project and then I select "AllUsers" in the radio button during
the installation.
thank you!