Uninstall VS 2003 before setting up VS 2005?

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Subject: Uninstall VS 2003 before setting up VS 2005?
Posted by:  Bob Delaney (Bob-DELETETHIS-Delan…@msn.com)
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006

I am sure this queston is asked from time to time, but I have scrolled
through this newsgroup, and cannot see it asked or answered recently.
I am running a stable copy of Visual Studio 2003. I am planning to upgrade
to VS 2005. I don't need, or wish to keep, VS 2003 on my machine. I'd rather
not do a rebuild of my hard disk.
I assume that I ought to remove VS 2003 and reboot before instaling VS 2005.
Can someone pass along a few tips for a path to a smooth migration from VS
2003 to VS 2005? I am running Win XP Pro with MS Office 2003 and all service
packs up to date. Thanks in advance from a former Win XP MVP.
Bob Delaney
Mississauga, Ontario