Creating subset in VS 2005 help system

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Subject: Creating subset in VS 2005 help system
Posted by:  Nobody (noo…
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007

Here is my problem with VS 2005:

I do Windows XP development. I search for MIB_IFROW in index (unfiltered)
and it brings me article from "Platform Builder for Microsoft Windows CE
5.0", which is not what I want.

When I experienced the same problem in VC++ 6 I was able to easily create
help subset that didn't include Embedded developer documentation - in subset
definition dialog I would just add all topics and then removed folder called
"Embedded Developer Documentation".

In VS 2005 help I see the folder I would like to remove - "Mobile and
embedded development", but I see no easy way of doing it. Seems as there is
no longer simple UI to do this unless I missed something. I looked at
creating new filters mechanism, but haven't found the way to achieve what I
need easily short of manually *including* all attributes that I need, which
is too complicated. Is there a better way?