Uninstall Custom Action not getting called.

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Subject: Uninstall Custom Action not getting called.
Posted by:  TheClothCat (TheClothC…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007

Hi everyone,

I want to run an exe (Uninst.exe) when my software is uninstalled. I have
added the file to the Application Folder in the File System Editor and added
it as a Custom Action under the Uninstall phase in the Custom Action Editor,
but it does not get executed when my software is uninstalled, either from
within Visual Studio on my development PC or on a different PC when installed
from a CD.

I have put debug code in Uninst.exe so I am sure it is not getting executed.
It is a very simple console app written in C++ for Win32. I got it to work
once on the different PC but it would not do it again.

Stranger still, I changed the Permanent Property of Uninst.exe to be True
and the installer correctly left it in the app's directory. However, after I
changed it back to False it still leaves it there!

It is almost as if Setup uses a cache and the cache is not working properly.
I'm using Visual Studio 2003 with SP1.

I'm baffled. Any ideas would be welcome.

Thank you.