VS 2005 Std under Vista

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Subject: VS 2005 Std under Vista
Posted by:  Tom (tom@nospam.com)
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007

I've installed VS 2005 under MS Vista. Once I have done that, exactly
what else do I need to install to get VS 2005 to run 'well' in Vista?
And in what order? I know that I need to install the VS 2005 SP1, but
what else if anything?

I haven't run anything yet in VS 2005 until I make sure I get all the
necessary 'patches' on so that it run properly. And what gotchas are
there? I know there are various threads out there on this, but I
thought I would see if someone can consolidate that info into exactly
how, what, and in what order?