"Interface not Supported" WM2003 CF2 - VS 2005 SP1 installed

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Subject: "Interface not Supported" WM2003 CF2 - VS 2005 SP1 installed
Posted by:  Peter HartlĂ©n (pet…@data.se)
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007


After installing SP1 I am unable to debug Smart Device (PocketPC 2003 SE
with Compact Framework 2) applications in Visual Studio 2005. I can build
the application but after I press Debug a dialogue is displayed with the
message "Interface not supported".

This what I've done:
- Tried to install SP1 from Microsoft Update - Failed!
- Realized I didn't have enough diskspace so I:
    - Removed VS.NET 2003 (as I am only using VS 2005)
    - Removed VS.NET 2003 SDKs
    - Removed a bunch of other applications not used
    - Cleared tempfiles etc. and also compressed unused files (C:\ ->
Properties -> Disk clean)
- Successfully installed VS SP1 using downloaded file

I can run and debug plain Windows applications (havn't tried webapps).

I.i.r.c. VS2005 comes with full Smart Device support so I couldn't have
accedentially removed a SDK that VS2005 needs for Smart Device debugging,

Any suggestions?
- Reinstall? But what happens to SP1?
- Repair? But what happens to SP1?
- Reset settings? Where and how, and what happens to SP1?