Crystal Engine version??

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Subject: Crystal Engine version??
Posted by:  mfm (m…
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007

I am trying to deploy a simple crystal reports application (VS.Net 2005.)  It
runs fine on the developer machines, however when I try to install it on the
server it gives me a nasty error stating that 'An error occurred during the
installation of assembly

I reserached it and found out that I needed to add the latest merge modules
to my setup project.  Fine.  Now I get the same error, only it references
version "10.2.3600.0"

When I look in the GAC on the server, the version of the engine is
11.0.3300.0.  According to microsoft 10.2.3600.0 is the version for VS.Net
2005, and 11.0.3300.0 is the version for Crystal Reports XI.  I find it
mindblowing that Business objects leaves this up to me to figure it out.  Can
anyone point me in the right direction?  Note that this is 2003 server, with
.Net Framework 2.0, and I have the latest crystal merge modules.  What do I
need to do to install this simple, basic application?  Any help appreciated.