VS2005 Team Edition Problem - Text does not appear in Code Editor

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Subject: VS2005 Team Edition Problem - Text does not appear in Code Editor
Posted by:  Bryan McNamara (Bryan McNama…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate

Completely up to date as of 8-19-07. Fresh install. Completely base
operating system.

I booted off of the CD and formatted my HDD. Installed Windows Vista
Ultimate. After install, I activated the OS. I then used Windows Update, and
rebooted when asked, until the OS was completely up to date. Then installed
MS Update. I then began the installation of Visual Studio Team Edition (Full
Install). Installation successful, rebooted, ran windows update until the
software was completely up to date (VS2005 SP1). Once every update had been
applied to my machine, I ran VS2005 as Administrator. Set the environment to
Web Development. Created a blank file of an HTML document (Any document will
do). Code Editor appears with the 'Lines' (1,2,3,4,5..etc) in blue, on the
left. The brackets with their little +/- are there. There is not, however,
any text. None when you drag a selection with the mouse either.

The only way I can see any characters is by typing numbers and hitting
enter. The numbers then appear. Letters or characters other than numbers do
not appear whether I press enter at the end of a line or not. Edit: Quick
update, I opened 'samples.vsmacros' in Visual Studio, and the file appears as
it should. Both letters and numbers were clearly visible. If I create a text
file, or open a code file, the problem still exists.

Has anyone experienced this? I cannot find anything on the internet that
identies the problem let alone presents a solution. Under my first install,
when I first had this problem, i ran '~/devenv.exe /resetuserdata and
/resetsettings without any resolution. Nothing seems to help, including this
clean, step by step install of the OS and the software.

Note: Safe mode does nothing. Disabling interface enhancements (Aero) does
nothing. I have narrowed it down a bit, in how it occurs. I can, for example,
type 12346654949 and it appears. Once I hit a letter key, or a symbol other
than ,.;[ the line of characters disappears.

I should note that everything was just fine under Windows XP SP2 on the same
hardware. The hardware consists of:

AMD X2 4400
NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX (Driver released 7.06.2007 via MS
Wireless Logitech Keyboard (Possible problem??)
Wired Optical Mouse
Onboard Audio (Nforce4 mobo, Realtek AC'97 with 8.18.07 MS issued Driver

Any help is greatly appreciated! I cannot get any work done until I find a
resolution to this problem.


Bryan McNamara