Re: File install depending on registry key ?

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Subject: Re: File install depending on registry key ?
Posted by:  Phil Wilson (phil.wils…
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007

It's possible you can't do this with Visual Studio setup projects.

Search Target Machine can be used to search for items in the registry but
unless you can search for a data item under that key you can't do it.  For
example you can do a Search Target Machine for the item InstallRoot under
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework, but you can't do a search only on
that .NETFramework key.
If you CAN do a search like this, it will set a property. Use this property
as a condition on installing the file.

Since you're asking a lot of VS setup questions these should be helpful:

Phil Wilson
[MVP Windows Installer]

"Sharon" <Sharo…@newsgroups.nospam> wrote in message
> I'm using VS2005 Setup project.
> I need to check if a specific registry key exist in the registry.
> If it exists - to skip installing some file.
> If not exists - to installing some file.
> I guess it should be done in two stages, one reading the registry key, and
> the other is to install or not install the file accordingly.
> I tried setting the first stage using the Launch Conditions, but it causes
> to the entire install to quite, but I only need it to determine if to
> install
> a specific file or not, without any notification to the user.
> Can anybody help on that?
> --
> Thanks
> Sharon



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File install depending on registry key ? posted by Sharon on Thu, 6 Sep 2007