How to install VS 2005 Professional on VISTA

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Subject: How to install VS 2005 Professional on VISTA
Posted by:  Valerie Hough (sal…
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007

Hi, I have tried installing VS2005 Pro from DVD 3070.1 as suggested by
someone from MSDN support.

It successfully installs the document manager, then asks for the dreaded
ENU-1 disk, which (not to my surprise) is not in my MSDN Pro DVD collection.

There is no proceeding from there.

Q1: Is there a version of VS2005 that will install correctly under Vista?

Q2: Since my Vista computer is not connected to the internet, even if the
answer to Q1 above is yes, what am I to do?

The suggestion that I should use one of my (generous supply of) 2 incidents
to solve this problem is repugnant!

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.
Chris Hough