RE: Crystal Merge Module - Uninstalls CR for other apps on uninstall

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Subject: RE: Crystal Merge Module - Uninstalls CR for other apps on uninstall
Posted by:  stche…
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007

Hello Monty,

From your description, you're building a setup package which contains the
merge module of CRYSTAL REPORT. However, you found that the setup package
will always remove that module when performing uninstall and you're
wondering how to make that merge module persisted on the target machine and
not removed when unstall, correct?

Based on my research, removing merge module should be the default behavior
when you creating the MSI/setup package. Are you using the VS setup project
to create it or manually build the msi package through windows installer
sdk tools?  For a windows installer merge module, you can use the following
attribute to mark it as a permanent component so that the uninstall
operation won't remove it from target computer:


You can find some info about this attribute below:

#Installing Permanent Components, Files, Fonts, Registry Keys

#INFO: Best Practices for Creating Windows Installer Merge Modules

#Component Table

However, since this is a  raw msi attribute, the VS setup project can not
view it, you may need to use the installer sdk tool to edit it. The "Orca"
utility is the one you can use to edit raw MSI package:

#How to use the Orca database editor to edit Windows Installer files

#How to use the Orca database editor to remove the "Everyone" option and
the "Just me" option from a Windows Installer package that you created by
using Visual Studio .NET

Hope this helps some.


Steven Cheng

Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead


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>From: "Monty" <mon…@community.nospam>
>Subject: Crystal Merge Module - Uninstalls CR for other apps on uninstall
>Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 09:50:21 -0400

>I have an MSI that includes the Crystal Reports merge module
>(CR115_NET_2005). When my users install it on a machine that has a
>vendor's software on it that also includes a (previous, I believe) version
>of crystal, everything is fine. However when they uninstall our software,
>seems to uninstall crystal for their other applications as well. I've
>at the settings for the MSM in my setup package, but I don't see any
>ones that might alleviate this. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.



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