Multiple VS Versions & Frameworks on One Machine

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Subject: Multiple VS Versions & Frameworks on One Machine
Posted by:  NormD (mach2@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007

So far we've had VS 2003 installed on workstations and using the 1.1
Framework for development.

It is my understanding that I can install different versions of the
Framework and they can coexist (although there are some notes about the later
Framework versions modifying earlier versions, not adding new versions).

I see, too, that VS 2008 supposedly can work with earlier versions of the
Framework; which versions?

Can I keep VS 2003 on the machines AND install VS 2008 to use with the other
Framework versions it supports?  Are there tricks to installing multiple
versions of VS so the latter doesn't try to update or replace the older

I'd settle for VS 2003 and 1.1 Framework and VS 2008 and .30 or 3.5 (?)
Framework; I don't need each and every version of everything.

I'm guessing these are common questions, but a search didn't show me the
light, as it were.