cannot install VS 2008 on laptop

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Subject: cannot install VS 2008 on laptop
Posted by:  Ed White (ewhite@newsgroups.nospam)
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008

I've downloaded and burned VS 2008 onto three different DVDs (including two
different brands of DVDs).  The first one I did on my desktop, and it
installed fine on the desktop.  When I put that DVD into the laptop, it just
stalls.  I then tried burning a new DVD from the laptop instead of the
desktop, and tried again with another brand of DVD, and every time the result
is the same.  I have Windows Live OneCare installed on the laptop, and I
tried disabling it, but that didn't help.  I modified the registry in the
laptop to turn off autorun for the DVD, and I put the DVD in the drive, open
Windows Explorer, and try to look at the DVD, it stalls.  I do not have this
problem with other DVDs on the laptop, so the problem appears to occur just
with the VS 2008 installation disk.

The laptop is an HP nx9420 with Windows XP Professional installed.
According to some HP update software included with the laptop, all of the
drivers on the laptop are up-to-date.  When I right-click on the DVD drive
from Windows Explorer, it has under Formet "Use with DLA" checked.  I think
DLA is some kind of Sonic software installed on the machine.  I tried to
disable DLA but cannot figure out how to.  Again, I have not had this problem
with other installation disks (e.g. SQL Server 2005).  Any suggestions?