Help installing Web Development Tools in VS .NET 2003

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Subject: Help installing Web Development Tools in VS .NET 2003
Posted by:  nwarch…
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008

HELP!! :)

I am attempting to install the Web Development tools for Visual
Studio .NET 2003 Professional on my system. The OS I'm running is
Windows Vista Business Edition. I have IIS installed, and I have FPSE
2002 edition installed and configured. EVERYTHING seems to be properly
configured but every time I attempt to "add" the web development tools
in VS I cannot because it's grayed out.

My first question is, doesn't Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional
come with Web Development tools?? Assuming it does what would be
causing them to be grayed out??

I have read countless pages online and all of the help files on the
cd. I have done everything correct as far as I can tell, but still no

ANY advice will be helpful!!!