Files in Website ASP.NET solution - VS2005

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Subject: Files in Website ASP.NET solution - VS2005
Posted by:  Bob (B…
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008

I've inherited a machine from another developer that left the company. I've
gone into Tools | Options | Projects and Solutions | General and have changed
the following locations to a new directory:
Visual Studio projects location
Visual Studio user project templates location
Visual Studio user item templates location

However, when I create a new ASP.NET WebSite using File | New | Website, all
the files are still being created in the old location.

I've rebooted the machine in case this info was being cached somewhere and
nothing has changed.

Did I miss something in Tools | Options? Is there a file I need to edit? A
registry entry? Or am I stuck having to remove and re-install VS2005?