Package Load Failure in VS2008

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Subject: Package Load Failure in VS2008
Posted by:  Ying-CO (Ying…
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008

I have VS2003 and VS2008 installed on my machine. Laterly, when I run my web
application in VS2008 or just trying to load a project, I get

"Package Load Failure
Package "Visual Studio Explorers and Designers Package' has failed to load
properly (GUID = {8D8529D3-625D-4496-8354-3DAD630ECC1B}. Please contack
package vendor for assistance. Application restart is recommended, due to
possible environment corruption.Would you like to disable loading this
package in the future? You may use 'devenv/resetskippkgs' to re-evable
package loading."

How should I solve this problem?

Thank you,
Ying Ding