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Subject: Re: formating
Posted by:  PvdG42 (pv…
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008

"LMK" <L…> wrote in message
>I made a new part. on my hard drive so that I could have XP and Vista on my
> computer because a lot of my software works with xp. I need to hnow how to
> format part of my hard drive without doing the whole drive.

Fine, but you need to ask your Windows question in a Windows group. This
group is for *Visual Studio* setup issues.

Here's a way to find the group you need:

As you appear to be using a web interface:

Click the + beside your language. then scroll down to Windows. In Windows,
find the category  for the version of Windows you currently have installed.
Open it and find a group to post in.



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