Setup Project with Upgrade function

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Subject: Setup Project with Upgrade function
Posted by:  Andre Grumbach (
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008

Hello all,
I'm try to deploy my setups with the VS 2008 Setup project.

It works fine for for quick deploy, but one function i missing.

When my project has a bug or there wil be a new function integrated, I must
uninstall an reinstall der the setup.
Is there any possibility to upgrade the existing version? (all the time, I
try to install the setup, there is the error: Another version of this
product is installed. Please uninstall it an try again)
It also doesn't work, when I change the product und upgrade code. When I
start my application after the setup is installed a second time, there will
still run the old version (and in the Add/Remove Program menu, are 2 entries
of the tool).

So is have anyone a idea how I can create a upgrade setup?