Application Suite Deployment

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Subject: Application Suite Deployment
Posted by:  Sid Price (s…
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008

I have a suite of several applications built with VS 2008 Professional.
These applications use a common set of class libraries that must also be
deployed with them. To do this I have created a setup project in my suite's
solution and added the primary output of each application to the setup
The problem I have is if I have the applications installed in the same
target folder then VS places multiple copies of the class libraries into
that folder and then complains about it. If I create a separate folder for
each of the applications and place the primary output in the appropriate
folder then VS does not correctly detect all the dependencies and some DLLs
are missing. I have tried manually adding the DLLs but VS seems to remove
some of them when it rebuilds the dependencies. I seem unable to achieve a
stable, reliable setup project.
My question is what is the best and most reliable way of creating the
distribution for this suite of applications, a method that is reliable so
that whenever it is built ALL the required components are included.
Many thanks,