Secondary Disk Drive Missing

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Subject: Secondary Disk Drive Missing
Posted by:  RicanStarz (RicanSta…
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009

Hi, i was having problems with my pc and decided the best thing to do what to
re-install windows xp media center edition, back to the way it was when i
bought it. ok well something went wrong.. when i re-installed it my disk
drives switched, i have no idea how this happened. the C drive which had
about 73 GB switched to 4.98GB and my D drive switched from 4.98GB to What
the C drive is supposed to have. Anyways i tried to fix the problem over and
over but couldn't so then i saw that you can delete the partitions so i did,
not knowing the my D drive would be completely deleted. So know i have the C
drive the way it should be , but now i dont have my  secondary disk drive
which is the D drive back. i dont know how to make it show up again. Someone
please help me, Oh and sorry for the long message.