Channels dont change with WMC Remote

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Subject: Channels dont change with WMC Remote
Posted by:  kjonyou (kjonyou.3uis…
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009

I am trying to set up WMC to work with my TV and Cable Box.  I am
compleatly stuck.  I have a USB IR Reciever with 2 jacks on the back one
is pluged into the IR port on the cable box.  I also have the MCE remote
that came with another older computer.

The problem is during set up, I cant get the WMC remote to change the
channels.  I get to the part where it says  "Test Changing Channels" and
all it dose is display the new number but it dosent actually change the
channel.  I have tried numerous configurations but no luck.  The remote
is good, everything else works with the remote.  When I go to live TV,
if I try to change the channels, the numbers appear but again, no
channels change.  Basicly the only way to change the channels is with
the Charter Cable Box remote.

Any Ideas?  I am a little confused about what I read here in other
posts, is an IR reciver the same as an IR Blaster?

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