Combining multiple wifi sources/signals for more bandwidth?

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Subject: Combining multiple wifi sources/signals for more bandwidth?
Posted by:  gaikokujinkyofus…
Date: 1 Dec 2005

Hi, I have two neighbors that have wifi g/b (for email, it kills me)
that have said it would be ok if I mooched off of them a bit (in case
your wondering, I am considering throwing in a few bucks a month if
this works). I already have DSL so I have decent speed already (buy can
you really have "enough" speed) but it would be sweet to use all of
these signals at once to create a really fat pipe (especially when
walking around the house with my notebook). I am a podcast/vidcast
junkie so I could actually use some more bandwidth.  I use XP and i
have an old Linux box (Slackware, but will consider changing or adding
a box [thanks used university supply store]) so I can go either route
(I am ok with Linux [command line etc] but *not* a guru) in terms of
OSes.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions or recommendations on
how to go about this or know of any good HOWTOs (the simpler the
better) about this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!