WPA-PSK with D-link DI-524 and DWL-G122

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Subject: WPA-PSK with D-link DI-524 and DWL-G122
Posted by:  derekf007
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005

I bought this wireless G networking kit awhile ago and I successfully
configured both the router and the usb adapter with WEP.

However, I've been wanting upgrade security to use WPA-PSK. I only have 1
desktop computer running Windows XP Pro SP2 (fully patched). I have upgraded
the firmware on the di-524 and the dwl-g122. I configured the di-524 wired
and then disconnected my comptuer and used the dwl-g122 to connect
wirelessly. My cable modem and the di-524 is in another room.

I actually got everything working last night after I disabled the Windows
WZC service and just used the d-link utility that came with the usb adapter.
When using the WZC, my adapter wouldn't connect to my network. It would just
say "Aquiring Network Address". How come this happened? I thought it was
better to use the built in networking stuff (I even used the Wireless Network
Wizard with no success) than the manufacturer's utilites?

I left my computer on all night while I was downloading some stuff, came
back this morning and my internet wasn't working. It still showed that my
computer was connected to my wireless network. I rebooted and my computer but
no network connections came up at all. It was like the usb adapter wasn't
receiving any power (none of the lights were on). I unplugged it and plugged
it back into a different usb port. I had to re-configure the adapter (put in
the SSID, the encryption settings, the WPA-PSK key, etc.) using the d-link
utility before it would work again. After I got connected, the internet was
painfully slow.

Any ideas on why my internet didn't work the next morning? and why the
network connections didn't show up after I rebooted (because the WZC was
still disabled.. maybe?)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.