Neophyte wireless question Wired and Wireless bridging

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Subject: Neophyte wireless question Wired and Wireless bridging
Posted by:  Paolo (PaoloContact…
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005

I have a small SOHO wired network with a Linksys router (BEFSR41), uplinked
to a Netgear Switch (GS108), and on ot the wired computers.  I have recently
aquired a portable computer that is 802.11b compliant, and my daughter has a
portable too that has wireless capability.  I would like to keep my old
wired network, and build up a new wireless one.  I have been looking into
wirelessAccess Points, such as Linksys WAP54G.  I was planning to just hook
it into a spare Ethernet plug.

-Question 1 - Will this WAP serve more than one wireless computer?

-Question 2 - The Router and the Hub are in the basement,  not an ideal
location for a wireless device, it seems from reading here on the net.  Any
recommendations on a topology for this layout?

-Question 3  - My portable (IBM Thinkpad T42) is only 802.11b compliant, but
I do plan on adding more wireless computers and devices to the network,
which may be 802.11g compliant in the next 6 or 7 months.  Are the 802.11g
NAP devices' downward compatibility to 802.11b good enough to go directly
with a 802.11g device?  (I plan on experimenting a bit with wireless

Any recommendations in general on equipment?