Joining Wired and Wireless

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Subject: Joining Wired and Wireless
Posted by:  stephen_wq
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005

I have a single 2 day old Dynalink RTA1025W Wireless Router.
I have 2 Windows XP home computers connected wired, 1 XP Pro Laptop
connected wirelessly, and a Linux box connected wired, which is giving me
hassles, but forget about that.

So i want to join the two networks together. The wired name is MSHOME and
the wireless SSID is also MSHOME.
How do i make it so i can view all the wired shared things on the wireless
network and vice-versa?
I can get internet fine, and its setup via the wizard to connect whenever it
is in range, but for some reason, i cant get it to join with the wired one.