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Subject: Re: Joining Wired and Wireless
Posted by:  M Irusalimsky (…
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005

XP Home comps and network is a little problem, however, if you configure all
of your computers with static IP addresses and same gateway, it should work,
dont forget to check "file sharing setting" on your network

"stephen_wq" <stephen…> wrote in message
>I have a single 2 day old Dynalink RTA1025W Wireless Router.
> I have 2 Windows XP home computers connected wired, 1 XP Pro Laptop
> connected wirelessly, and a Linux box connected wired, which is giving me
> hassles, but forget about that.
> So i want to join the two networks together. The wired name is MSHOME and
> the wireless SSID is also MSHOME.
> How do i make it so i can view all the wired shared things on the wireless
> network and vice-versa?
> I can get internet fine, and its setup via the wizard to connect whenever
> it
> is in range, but for some reason, i cant get it to join with the wired
> one.


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