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Subject: Re: please help
Posted by:  Malke (notreally@invalid.invalid)
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005

Nightwolf wrote:

> Have never set up a workgroup, have one wireless lap top two desk tops
> not having problems getting on the internet so I know I have that part
> right at least, however I can't get a work group set up to share files
> with all computers can anyone help me figure this out? I have been
> trying for two days with no luck. thanks!

Since we don't know what operating systems are on the machines and what
you've done in the two days, it's impossible to be specific. Very

1. If you have two XP machines, just run the Network Setup Wizard on
each machine and reboot. If the machines are SP2 and you are using a
third-party firewall, go to Control Panel and disable the Windows
Firewall afterwards since you don't want two firewalls running.

2. The most common problem people run into in sharing is a misconfigured
firewall. If you are using the Windows Firewall, you must check the
File & Printer Sharing box on the Exceptions tab. If you are using a
third-party firewall, you must configure it to allow the lan as
trusted. If you have a program like Norton Antivirus that has "Internet
Worm Protection" and are using the Windows Firewall, turn off NAV's IWP
because that is a firewall.

Here is a troubleshooter from MVP Hans-Georg Michna. If you take the
time to go through it, it will pinpoint the problem area(s):

Here are some other useful links:


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