Can't See The Network

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Subject: Can't See The Network
Posted by:  Scott (gold…
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005

I just added a Win98SE desktop (Gateway 1999 E-3200 with built-in
NIC) to my home network with a Linksys wireless WRT54G router.  The
desktop accesses the network via an SMC 2602W wireless PCI card
that's working perfectly. I can surf the net just fine.  My other
(Win 95, 98 and XP) computers can see this new desktop and share
files with it just fine.  The only problem is that on this newly
added desktop, when I click on Network Neighborhood, I can't see
any of the other computers...yet they can see me.  Yes, the workgroup
is spelled right, and the C drive is set up to share. The setup on
this Win98 computer is identical to another Win98 desktop on the
same network.  When I ping two of the other PC's, the packets return
normally.  Everything is working perfectly, except I can't see any of
the other computers on the network.  All the other computers on the
network see each other just fine.

Any suggestions?