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Subject: Re: Regarding upload/Download speeds
Posted by:  Bob (Someo…
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005

You are kidding right????

Size of file in bits / Time to download in seconds = bits per second then
divide by 1024 to get KB/s

NOTE: +/- Overhead....

"vasavi" <bindu…> wrote in message
| Hi all,
| I am doing available bandwidth module. I want to find the
| upload/downloads speeds of the link. I searched in the net.
| I got only the links where they are providing  the software
| for upload/download speeds, through which we can get the
| results. "I want to know how those people calculated the
| upload/download speeds".  Please suggest me the
| method/alogorithm/procedure to calculate the
| upload/download speeds.
| Thanx in advance,
| vasavi.



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