WPA requires ans XP Pro Admin acct??

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Subject: WPA requires ans XP Pro Admin acct??
Posted by:  Tom P
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005

I have set up a wireless network with a USR AP and PC card and a CompUSA PC
card in a second notebook. Both work fine as long as I work in a XP admin
account. The network does not come up if I log into a more limited account
first. I must always log into the admin account until the network is
recognized then I can switch to another lesser priveledged account. USR says
I must operate in the admin account for the network to work. I also
experience this behavior with the CompUSA PC card which leads me to believe
USR is right.

Is it a 'feature' of WPA that one must use a XP admin account? Is there any
way around this? Does WPA2 'correct' this short coming?