Need Help Setting up Netgear Router

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Subject: Need Help Setting up Netgear Router
Posted by:  Mase
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005

Alright Currently i have a Linksys router hooked up to my desktop in my
sisters room..when i bought my laptop a while back i got the router
(neatgear) and still havent set it up yet. But i need to beacsue I NEED
WIRELESS! I have the Cord running frmo the back of my laptop to the routher
in the other room..COme on i thought this crap was suppose to be wireless.
but anyway i tried installing the neat gear router up in my sisters room
following all directions..on unplugging everyhthing to hooking up the neat
gear router and promptly set everyhthing up right. Which i do..i don
understand..I NEED WIRELESS AHHHH i can t take this freakin cord running
through my room all the time. Please Help anyone!