Unable to install Belkin 54g adaptor

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Subject: Unable to install Belkin 54g adaptor
Posted by:  Bob_Wanlip
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005

Not strictly true. I did have  a Belkin 54bps adaptor installed on my home
PC. Last night I tried to install the 54g. This is in part successful, but it
says something like' there is a clash with an existing piece of hardware with
the same name'. If I look in 'ad/remove programs' I can then see both
versions. However, when I try and delete the 54bps version the screen flashed
very quickly and it does not delete. More wierd is that if I then try and
delete it by going into the directory and doing it all manually, I cannot
find it. In fact I cannot find it anywhere on the PC and yet it still sits in
the 'ad/remove' list.

Please can anyone help?