Unusual network setup due to hardware limitation

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Subject: Unusual network setup due to hardware limitation
Posted by:  Recon
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005


Let me get right into the network topology to give you an idea of how my
network is setup.

(label this 1st machine)
I have a wireless nic card on a desktop machine that's associated with an
AP. That wireless connection has internet connection sharing with an ethernet
NIC. Ethernet nic is hooked up to the "internet" port of my wireless AP. My
AP is a linksys WRT54g which does not support "client mode" so i can't link
it up to the AP that I'm receiving internet from. Which is why im forced to
implement a bizzare setup (which works fine) however the problem here is:

(label this 2nd machine)
I got another PC that has its seperate internet connection through ethernet
and also has a wireless nic that's associated with MY AP(that also has
internet), however I dont want it to take internet from my ap but i do want
it to be able to access the default gateway ( the AP)so it can
talk to the ( which is the first workstation I spoke off that is
taking internet from another AP through its wireless NIC(sharing). Disabling
the gateway on the 2nd machine will render me unable to speak to that
IP( because its on a different subnet and it only works at that
ip. Is there a way to edit the routing table or somehow tell the default
gateway of MY AP not to go beyond the

I hope you understand my setup, its pretty confusing.