Lost Internet Connections

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Subject: Lost Internet Connections
Posted by:  Bill Wolcott (wwolcott@xyznospamcolumbus.rr.com)
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005

I've been running a Linksys wireless router/ap for several years for a home
network. 1 base at desktop, 2 laptops with built-in wireless. Last week
added another desktop with a usb wireless ap. Initially, everything worked
fine. Now I'm having problems with reception throughout the house in areas
that were fine before, or I'll get a signal but no internet connection. The
problem still occurs after shutting off the new desktop, and is replicated
on all three remote stations. I did note that I'm now getting a signal from
a neibhor with an encrypted wireless network, apparently new, as I've not
recieved it before.
Looking for any tips or help?
Possible virus?
I have tried replacing the Linksys base unit, no help.
Bill W
XP Pro

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