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Subject: Re: i need help
Posted by:  Bill Whipple (william_l_whipp…
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005

As the others have said, WPA is a must if your equipment supports it. Also,
do not broadcast your SSID. This throws another small stumbling block in
their way. Make sure you are current on all software updates on the O/S and
for the hardware you are using, even firmware updates on things like routers
and access points.

You might also consider running a local firewall on each systems, like the
XP Firewall or Norton Internet Security, to protect the individual systems
in case your network is breached.


"stratEl" <elena_stratt…> wrote in message
> question: Once you have your own wireless network set up, what can you do
> to prevent free riders?
> Thank you



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