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Subject: Re: Toucan Broadband
Posted by:  Jeff Liebermann (jef…
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005

On Sat, 17 Dec 2005 21:26:29 GMT, "Drummie" <>

>Can someone please tell me the best wireless router for Toucan Broadband. I
>plan to run a desktop and 2 laptops.

I guess everyone on the planet knows what is Toucan Broadband.
OK, 2Mbits/sec maximum in the UK.  I can't tell for sure from the web
page but it looks like DSL.  The page says that Toucan supplies the
DSL modem.  Make sure that it's an ethernet DSL bridge/modem, and not
a USB bridge/modem.

Just about any wireless router will work at 2Mbits/sec.  However, I
like to do things a bit differently which unfortunatly costs a bit
more.  I like seperate boxes for the modem, the router, and the
wireless access point.

The reasons are:
1.  The modem might change if you switch to a CATV modem.  The router
and wireless access point remain the same.

2.  The modem and router tend to want to live where all the wires and
cables come together.  That's usually under a table, in a closet,
basement or other RF disgusting environment.  If the wireless were
part of the router, you would probably be complaining about the lack
of range from the closet or basement.  There's nothing wrong with
using a wireless router in the closet (for those days when you want to
work in the closet) and adding a seperate access point in the middle
of the main coverage area.

3.  The access point should be located as high as possible and in the
center of the coverage area.  That's often incompatible with where the
CAT5 and telco wires must run.  By using a seperate box, there are
more opertunities for optimizing the wireless location.

4.  You can power off the access point when it's not being used.  This
provides substantially improved wireless security.

5.  New wireless standards (i.e. 802.11n) are coming real-soon-now.
When they arrive, you just *ADD* the new acronym to the network with a
CAT5 cable to the router, and you have support for the latest

You can use any wireless router as an access point by:
1.  Reset the management IP address to something in the IP block of
the router
2.  Turn off the DHCP server.
3.  Ignore the WAN (internet port)
4.  Run CAT5 between a LAN port on the ethernet router, to one of the
LAN ports on the wireless router.

Anyway, I don't have any recommendations.  Do some Googling on the
Netgear, Linksys, and DLink web piles and see if there's anything that
meets your unspecified requirements.  If you're also buying wireless
cards for the laptops, it would be nice to know what their maker and
model.  Most modern laptops have recommended wireless cards with
drivers supported by the manufacturer.  That's the safest.  I would
look for 802.11g and avoid any of the proprietary Turbo, Afterburner,
and wiz-bang, enhancements.

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