Some times, My Network Places is very slow/hangs.

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Subject: Some times, My Network Places is very slow/hangs.
Posted by:  TarekF
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005

I setup ICS on a Dial-Up Account and connected the ICS Host PC to Linksys
WRT54GX. I Followed all the recommendations to setup ICS Properly such as
disabling the DHPC from the Linksys Router and the like. The ICS Host PC has
3COM Standard Network Card (as my LAN) and wired via a cable to the Linksys
Router. The Dila-Up Account is shared with this LAN Connection.

I connected 5 laptops and 1 HP Wireless Printer Wirelessly (directly) to the
Linksys Router.

All Client Laptops can connect to the Internet and can see each other and
can share folders with each others and can print to the HP Wireless Printer
.... wonderful ...

Although it took me several day to setup such nice network, but, eventually
EVERYTHING works fine. I will not list the problems I faced, since it will
take several pages. But, I SOLVED all major problems.

ONE PROBLEM is still there.

Some times, and on a repeating pattern, I try to open My Network Places, and
the window hangs for ever, then I have to close it by force. Then it opens
quickly after that immediatly.

When I can open My Netowrk Places quickly, I can goto Entire Network, View
Workgrouped Computers, then open any share... just works fine. But,
sometimes, if I try to go back to "My Network Places" or View Workgroup
Computers, it will take a very long time to open maybe few minutes. Some
times, it hangs for ever, and I have to close it by forse (click X) or use
the Task Manager. After that, it will open quickly.

Any one can help me troubleshoot this slow/hanging network problem?