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Subject: Re: Home network problem
Posted by:  typical computer geek (schm…
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005

you have to have a common user on both machines when using XP home for
networking.  In other words whatever user account you have on the pro
machine, you need to have the identical profile on the home machine. also if
that doesnt work try enabling NW Link Net bios on both machines.

"Bobby" <bob…> wrote in message
>I have set-up a home network for my desktop and notebook computers. I am
>running XP Pro on my desktop and XP Home on the notebooks. All use wireless
>networking connected to the Internet via a wireless modem/router.
> Internet access worked perfectly on all systems.
> But I can't get my home network to work.
> I have tried to share the printer that is physically connected to my
> desktop system. This printer works correctly (using my desktop PC).
> My notebook sees this shared printer when I list the available printers
> (Control Panel -> Printers) but nothing happens when I try to print. I
> have tried adding a new printer but this process does not see my shared
> printer.
> I have also shared folders on both the desktop and notebook systems. But I
> can't see these shared folders on any system.
> When I try to use My Network Places I see my home network (called "Home")
> but when I try to access it I get the following message: "Home is not
> accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource."
> I think that my printing problem is linked to my network problem.
> Help!
> Cheers.
> Bobby


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