Help with setting WEP keys in several devices

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Subject: Help with setting WEP keys in several devices
Posted by:  Phantom cyclist
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005

I have a BT2100 wireless router/modem.  It allows me to set either 13 ASCII
characters or 26 hex digits for each of 4 WEP 128 keys.

I have a Netgear MP101 music player which can be set to 128bit WEP key and
either 26 hex characters or a passphrase.  Obvioulsy I set the 26 hex
characters and it connects to the network OK.

I now have a WinXP Pro SP2 laptop.  When I try to connect to the wirelss
network it identifies that the network requires a WEP key but only allows one
key and does not seem to accept 26 characters for the key.

If I set the router to use 13 character ASCII key and enter the first key in
the Laptop then it will connect to the network, but now the MP101 won't as it
is expecting a 26 character hex key. (I tried converting the ASCII key to hex
and using that but it does not seem to work).

So it seems I can either the laptop or the MP101 to the network wirelessly
but not both.  Any ideas how I solve this problem?