SSID Broadcast, WZC

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Subject: SSID Broadcast, WZC
Posted by:  John O (joh…
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005

I've got a Linksys WRT54G v5 wireless router connected to one desktop, and a
WMP54G v4 NIC on another. Both running Win XP SP-2. The wired connection is
perfect, and the wireless with and without WEP works fine.

However, when I disable SSID broadcasts, I can't get the NIC to see the
router. First, the Linksys Wireless Network Monitor v4.0 will only let me at
the Profiles link *once.* The link to the Profiles tab won't work again
unless I uninstall/reinstall...this program seems to be broken. Trying to do
the config through Windows directly (is this WZC??) doesn't work either.

Any ideas?

Part 2: Do I need the Linksys Net Monitor at all?
Is it possible I've broken the XP config thing by using them both? I'd like
to know more about this Linksys/WZC issue if someone has a link.

--I've read all the stuff about SSID/WEP and their lack of value in
security, but I'm building a training program where I need to explore them
regardless of these issues.

-John O