Is this ever going to work?

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Subject: Is this ever going to work?
Posted by:  Dave Spencer (
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005

Sorry folks, I've had a trawl though Google Groups etc to see if
anyone's already asked this but I don't seem to find exactly my
situation. So:

I have two desktop PCs with PCI wireless cards, both running XP Pro+SP2.
Between the two is a D-Link DSL-G604T router. One of the desktops has a
dialup ISDN internet connection. I do *not* have an ADSL connection (I
will one day, hence this router, but for the moment I'm confined to ISDN
for professional reasons and I can't afford both). I have Windows
Firewall activated on the ISDN and the LAN, also NAV (but not their

Everything works wonderfully well file-sharing and printer-sharing-wise,
but I can't access the internet from the PC which doesn't have the
connection. I used to be able to, when I had no router, just the two PCs
set up as peer to peer. The router is there because I was having endless
radio signal problems without it, which it seems to have solved. I
assume that's just because it reduces the distances and the number of
walls/floors involved since I can see no other logical reason!

D-Link's help desk said I couldn't do it, but it was close to going home
time for them when I rang them and the person I spoke to inspired very
little confidence. Can any of you well informed people give me any help
on this?



Dave Spencer