Linksys Router Incomplete DHCP Clients Table

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Subject: Linksys Router Incomplete DHCP Clients Table
Posted by:  Robert Stanley (rstanl…
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005

If this isn't the appropriate newsgroup for this question, please let me
know if there's a better one (I can't find one for LinkSys).

I just replaced my old Microsoft MN-700 router with a LinkSys WRT54G and
have been happy with the improved signal strength.

When I review the active IP assignments, however, I find it incomplete. It
lists the two laptops and the desktop that are networked, but does NOT list
my TiVo (which was set up and connects with this) and also my Sony Clie
Handheld (which also connects). It appears that the IP numbers for these
devices were assigned by the Router ( and 104, respectively,
which follow the 100, 101, and 102 the Router assigned to the PCs).

Does this list only recognize actual PC devices and not other networked

I used to use this list on my MS Router as a quick way to find IP addresses
for troubleshooting. Is there a better "complete list" for LinkSys?

Thanks and Happy Holidays.