Cannot access My Documents folder of other computer

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Subject: Cannot access My Documents folder of other computer
Posted by:  M.L (…
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005

Hi. I helped set up a File and Printer Sharing network from my
brother's WinXP Home desktop to his WinXP Home wireless laptop. He
chose to share the entire C drive on both. For some reason the laptop
can see everything on the desktop's C drive except the My Documents
folder. Nor can he see the laptop's My Document's folder from the
desktop. Both accounts are set as Administrator.

I navigated to the desktop's Owner folder under Documents and Setting
and right-clicked on the My Document's folder to explicitly set the
sharing checkbox. However, even though the sharing icon showed up on
the folder, I still could not see the folder on the laptop computer.
Any assistance on resolving this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.