Printers Randomly Disapering from Directory Listing

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Subject: Printers Randomly Disapering from Directory Listing
Posted by:  Alan Sturlin (alansturl…
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006

I have a very strange problem with Windows 2003 Server Standard.  The sole
purpose of this server is a print server.  Randomly ALL the printers
published in the directory from this server DISAPEAR.  From a client's
perspective they are completely gone!  On the administrative side you can
query ADUC and find the printers just fine.  They only way that I have found
to return operations to normal, is to unshare and reshare all the printers
on this server.  This is not a solution to me, only a work around, and a bad
one at that!  Has anyone seen this behavior, if so what is the root cause
and a suggested fix?