replication works one way but not other way

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Subject: replication works one way but not other way
Posted by:  Luca (Lu…
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006

We have a single domain name with several sites, each site has its own DC
which is GC and also  DNS server.  We have just added a new site and the DC
in that site is having trouble with replication.  It can repliate from our
head office site but not to out head office site.  Iam getting event ID 1865
and 1311 every 15 minutes from the KKC.

I have checked, checked and re-checked our DNS on both servers and it looks
fine to my, i have run dcdiag, netdiag many many times and it is not showing
me any error s that rekate to this problem, iam on the verge of just
re-installing active directory on the new DC.

Can anyone please suggest why i can replicate one way but not the other way?