AD is stuffed

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Subject: AD is stuffed
Posted by:  Lance (lfkentwe…
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006

I have a simple AD Domain.  Single forest root domain.  1 subnet  2 domain
controllers both on the same network.  One DC had AD on it and I added AD to
the second.  In Sites and services I made sure both DC's are global catalog
servers.  DNS seems to be ok, can ping each other by ip and name.  Each s
running DNS.
Problem is I cant create an account on either as it comes up with the error
a global catalog cannot be contacted.  Looked closer at the event logs and
it seems that replication is just not working.  I created replication links
in Sites and services but when trying to force replication I get the classic
DNS error.  What is going on?