Merge or trust?

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Subject: Merge or trust?
Posted by:  Simon (sim…
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006


I'm looking at the various options available and I'm not sure what would be
the best thing to do.

Here is the current situation:

On my side (
Windows 2003
Exchange 2003

Forest/Domain functional level are set to 2003.

Partner side (
Windows 2000
Exchange 2000

VPN tunnel between us.

What I want to do:

Since we are running 2003, our partners asked us to move their mailboxes to
our server. That shouldn't be too hard.

But our 2 domains are not in the same forest. Not sure what would happen if
I restore mailboxes from another domain on my server.

What would be the best way to resolve that?

Basically I want users from domainb to access mailboxes on domaina while
keeping everything else separated.

Would a 2 way trust between the domains work?

And if I need to merge the forests, how do I do that?

Looking for opinions.