Warning after dcpromo

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Subject: Warning after dcpromo
Posted by:  Dave Mackler (dmackl…@mds.acsol.net)
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006

servers are all 2003, SP1.  small network, 125 workstations in 4 locations,
a dc in each.

setting up a new dc for a new location.  After runing dcpromo and rebooting
I get error 40960 in the event log after running dcdiag, which fails with
the errors described in the KB for 40960.

Unfortunate, while the KB states their are no adverse affects, I cannot run
dcdiag on this machine as I get an error on the Connectivity test:

"The system deteced a possible attempt to compromise security. Please ensure
that you can contact the server thatauthenticated you."

I also get a Directory Binding error with the same security message.  I
think, but am not positive, the Event Log error and the security error are
related somehow.  I am logging with a Domain Administrative account in  both

dave Admin