RE: Trouble with LoginScripts

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Subject: RE: Trouble with LoginScripts
Posted by:  Wong Tuck Wah (WongTuckW…
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006

Remember that this kinds of login scripts appear not only in AD GPO and the
user properties page, these users might have also created their own
customized scripts to execute once logon.

To perform a quick check, remove all logon scripts you think there are and
observe these problematic user whether they still execute any scripts.


"AJ" wrote:

> I replaced and changed the name of our File and Print server over the weekend.
> All went well exept that I can't get most of my users to stop attempting to
> map to drives to the old server, I've looked everywhere I can think of for a
> script and so far i've only confimed the fact that I've changed them all to
> point to the new server.
> If I create a new user then the new users gets all the new mappings no
> problem.
> Anyone experienced something like this?


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